65,000 Users, New Features and Premium Subscriptions.

3D model library, user galleries, faster performance, image-based lighting and tab-based UI.
- Ben Houston

August 11, 2014: What a year it has been for, the online 3D modeling and rendering app. It was only a year ago when we first announced and showed off the pre-beta version at SIGGRAPH 2013. To say that this was a busy year for us here at Exocortex is the understatement of the year.

In the past year, while running the beta, we’ve continued to launch major feature improvements including a including a revamped and polished UI, a ton of sub-object editing tools, support for subdivision surfaces, a comprehensive integration of ChaosGroups’ V-Ray photorealistic renderer, and our 3D Stream technology that enables you to embed interactive V-Ray scenes into webpages. Our growth has also blown past our expectations. We are pleased to announce that in one year, we have grown from 0 to 65,000 registered users.

As we come to the end of’s first year, we’d like to end on a high note. So we are today launching all of this:

Pinshape + A great way to sell your 3D models.

Sell your models more effectively on Pinshape by using custom embeds.
- Ben Houston

July 3, 2014: Pinshape, the premiere online marketplace for 3D printing models, has just announced support for custom WebGL embeds in their product listings. You can now setup a scene in to showcase, in interactive 3D, your 3D printing models up for sale on Pinshape.

What is Pinshape? Pinshape is the premium online 3D printing marketplace that caters to the best 3D printing artists in the world. Because Pinshape is primarily a marketplace, it is a great way for 3D artists to make money from their 3D printing creations (that hopefully you made in!) and also to enhance an artist's visibility within the 3D printing community. It is worthwhile for everyone to check out what Pinshape has to offer. You can think of Pinshape as like Dribbble but for the 3D printing community.

Now instead of just a static photo of an object or a simple context-free 3D model, you can now let your users interact with your 3D models in real-world setups created in For example, here is an 3D printed octopus tablet/phone stand (by notcolinforreal) along with an iphone model in interactive 3D -- you can now see how the stand can be used, you can explore it, and you can see its scale:

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