Update: UI, Modelling, SubD, and Marc Petit. now looks better and works better!
- Ben Houston

January 30, 2014:, the online 3D modeling and rendering tool recently passed the 26,000 registered users mark and also was just named by Animation Magazine as one of the best new technologies of 2013! Wow! Thank you all for your enthusiastic support. We are working hard everyday to live up to your expectations. Here is our latest improvements:

Improved UI Look and Feel

Here is a visual overview to our UI improvements: New Features and Open Access to All., the leading online 3D modeling and rendering software from computer graphics veterans Exocortex, is getting even better!
- Ben Houston

November 5, 2013: Exocortex is proud to announce the start of the (online 3D modeling and rendering software) open beta. is the leading web-based professionally oriented 3D content creation platform. Along with opening the doors to unlimited registrations, we are also pleased to announce the Scene Player, improved Format support, a better History tab, complex scene navigation, a plugin SDK and a REST API.

"It is amazing what they have achieved. Essentially it is 3D Studio Max in a browser. Incredible :)"
— Chris Neale, Co-founder at UsableHQ.

We only just announced (signup here) back in July and without too much fanfare. We knew there was a need for easy-to-use and collaborative 3D creation and we knew that delivering it via the web and WebGL is the way of the future. What we didn't expect is that over 14,000 people from over 60 countries would register for our closed beta! None of us here at Exocortex has ever seen such a enthusiastic response from the community. Some quick statistics: during the closed beta, each user has, on average, created 2.3 scenes, imported 0.2 files and made more than 200 edits. Besides the overwhelming positive response, we have also received hundreds of feature requests. Thank you so much!

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