Exocortex / Clara.io is Hiring 3D Developers to join our Ottawa Team.

- Ben Houston

Exocortex, the team behind the phenomenally popular Clara.io 3D modeling and rendering web app, is expanding in Ottawa, Canada. We are looking for talented and motivated 3D software developers to join our small but capable team. We are looking for full-time developers to work on-site in Ottawa, Canada. We are located in downtown Ottawa just five blocks from Canada’s beautiful Parliament Hill.

Required skills:

Exocortex Crate goes Open Source!

The popular Alembic suite for 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage is now freely available to all.
- Ben Houston

Exocortex is pleased to announce that Exocortex Crate, the highly popular Alembic suite of tools for 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, Arnold and Python, is now open source. Also, as of today, we are no longer offering permanent licensing of Exocortex Crate, rather it is free to download, use and modify to your needs.

What is Alembic? Alembic is a standardized format for data exchange between 3D programs used for animation and visual effects. It enables you to escape the trap of only using a single 3D program. If you use Exocortex Crate you can easily exchange data between the products supported by Exocortex Crate and Houdini, Modo, Nuke, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Arnold, RealFlow, Clarrise and Lightwave.

We, both Exocortex as well as Helge Mathee (who started what became Exocortex Crate), are doing this as thanks to the community of studios that funded the development of Exocortex Crate. The product is now mature, battle tested and highly capable. Instead of going the route of charging a high maintenance fee to our customers for what is essentially a mature product, we are opening it up to the community.

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