Exocortex Species Production Stories

Danny and the Wild Bunch and the videogame Umbra
- Chris Covelli

Danny and the Wild Bunch

Danny and the Wild Bunch is an award winning short film about a children’s book author whose characters turn down a darker path. Directed by Robert Rugan, Danny boasts a unique cast of digital characters created using Exocortex Species.

Species co-creator Chris Covelli:“With Species, I was able to model all 8 characters and do most of the rigging in about a month. This project was great fun to work on. Director Robert Rugan, while armed with a clear vision, gave the CG team a great deal of creative freedom and we all worked together to make this project awesome. I’m so happy with how fantastic the final cut looks!”

Extending Wavefront MTL for Physically-Based Rendering

With Physically-based Rendering (PBR) becoming the new standard, we need a simple standard interchange format.
- Ben Houston

Over the last couple of years, the game industry has moved from the traditional Phong shading model towards the Physically-based or Physically-plausible Rendering method that uses materials that make it easier for artists to create realistic (e.g. physical) results.

But there is a significant issue in trying to develop assets for PBR-based renderers. There is no well defined format for transmitting the underlying Physically-based Material parameters between various creation tools (e.g. Clara.io, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, Modo.)

In this blog post, we propose a simple solution. We suggest simply extending the Wavefront MTL material format with a number of new parameters that capture the model proposed by Disney for Physically-Based Rendering.

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