Introducing 40 New Improvements and Features.

To celebrate reaching 85,000 registered users, we are introducing a ton of new features!
- Ben Houston

December 1, 2014: Over 85,000 artists and creators have registered for, the online 3D modeling and rendering tool, since its introduction in August 2013, and returning editors now average over 71 minutes per user session (a 100% increase since April 2014!)

To celebrate we are releasing over 40 improvements to your online 3D modeling & rendering experience:

Extending Open Graph for Sharable 3D Objects

3D objects should be as easy to share as articles, images, songs, and video.
- Ben Houston

October 3, 2014: We are proposing an extension to the Open Graph protocol to allow for easy sharing of 3D objects as "rich objects" that is on par with the existing video, audio, book, song, and album Open Graph object types. This proposal has the support of the following companies in the online 3D space: (us!),,,, and


We run, a popular online 3D modeling & rendering webapp built upon Three.JS. Lately, we added a large publicly accessible library of free 3D models created by our users, for our users. This has proved to be very popular.

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