Extending Open Graph for Sharable 3D Objects

3D objects should be as easy to share as articles, images, songs, and video.
- Ben Houston

October 3, 2014: We are proposing an extension to the Open Graph protocol to allow for easy sharing of 3D objects as "rich objects" that is on par with the existing video, audio, book, song, and album Open Graph object types. This proposal has the support of the following companies in the online 3D space: Clara.io (us!), Verold.com, Sketchfab.com, 3Dshap.es, Yobi3D.com and Pinshape.com.


We run Clara.io, a popular online 3D modeling & rendering webapp built upon Three.JS. Lately, we added a large publicly accessible library of free 3D models created by our users, for our users. This has proved to be very popular.

Waskul.TV Interview with Ben of Clara.io.

Steve Waskul talks with Ben Houston about online 3D modeling and rendering at SIGGRAPH 2014
- Ben Houston

September 11, 2014: At SIGGRAPH 2014, Ben Houston of Clara.io was interviewered by Steve Waskul about Clara.io, its technology and its future. Click on the image below to have a look at the video:

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