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Exocortex Technologies, in collaboration with software developer Oleg Bliznuk (aka Mr.Core), is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Exocortex ImplosiaFX.

Exocortex ImplosiaFX enables advanced customizable fracturing/shattering as well as robust, fast and scalable CSG boolean operations. ImplosiaFX builds upon the powerful ICE Modeling framework introduced in Autodesk Softimage 2012 and is fully compatible with the rigid body simulation features of Exocortex Momentum.

Exocortex ImplosiaFX supports Autodesk Softimage 2012 and later on Windows x86 and x64 (Linux support coming soon.) Floating and node locked licenses are available starting at $249. Existing Momentum 2 and 3 customers can buy ImplosiaFX for $199. For full licensing details, please refer to the ImplosiaFX Purchase Options.

Multiple Fracturing Styles

Implosia FX enables you to fracture objects using three general fracturing algorithms:

  1. Continuous fractures - Fractures that pass completely through the object, even if it has already been broken up into separate pieces. We provide control over knife thickness, knife subdivisions, global and local chaos, positional chaos, preferred knife angle, and knife angle variance.

  2. Iterative fractures - Fractures that only traverse a single component of the object. These fractures are run iteratively to break up large pieces into smaller and smaller pieces. We provide control over knife thickness, knife subdivisions, linear chaos, rotational chaos, overall chaos, iterations, small chunk size filtering, as well as a number of settings related specifically to density regions.

  3. Voronoi fracturing - Voronoi fracturing takes a set of points and then it creates a fracture piece of the original geometry for each point. The Voronoi algorithm splits the solid along lines that bisection the distances between the points. Point sets can be automatically generated (see example scene "005_using_builtin_point_generators") or you can specify them explicitly as an ICE Point Cloud (see example scene "004_using_pointclouds".)

All of the fracturing styles are exposed via ICE Modelling nodes to enable maximum customization. We also provide a tool bar that allows for single-click fracturing if you don't want to get into the gritty ICE tree details. All fracturing styles correctly preserve UVW texture coordinates, normals and material IDs in the commercial version (this feature is limited in the demo version.)

CSG Booleans

To compliment the fracturing methods, ImplosiaFX also contains industrial strength constructive solid geometry (CSG) Boolean functionality. ImplosiaFX supports all the standard Boolean operators as ICE Modelling nodes including:

  • Union (A | B)
  • Intersection (A & B)
  • Subtraction (A - B)
  • Exclusive OR (A ^ B)

The boolean operators can be used to cut geometry into shapes that can then be fractured. Thus enabling you to have your fracturing to reveal embedded explicitly defined shapes.

CSG booleans can be animated over time (see example scene "001_basic_boolean_ops"), and they correctly preserves UVW texture coordinates, normals and Material IDs in the commercial version.

Designed for Speed

Previewing Cuts: For dealing with complex geometry that can get slow when actually performing the fracture cuts, ImplosiaFX supports displaying preview cutting planes via its ''Tuning'' feature. Thus allowing you to maintain a fast creative pace even when actually cutting high complexity geometry part can be slow. Tuning is supported by both continuous, iterative and Voronoi fracturing nodes.

Performance Statistics: We timed ImplosiaFX fracturing a series of large scenes on an Intel Core i7 2600 CPU.
Input Object Input Faces Facturing Styles Time Output Islands Output Faces
Sphere Shell 40,000 Continuous, 40 cuts 0m 44s 1,500 76,000
XSI Man 41,000 Voronoi, 10,000 points 1m 25s 10,000 270,000
Large Multi-Island 123,000 Iterative, 10,000 iterations 2m 51s 10,000 710,000

Compatible with your Existing Tools

Exocortex Momentum: From the start, ImplosiaFX was designed to be fully compatible with the powerful rigid body simulation features of Helge Mathee's Exocortex Momentum.

Softimage ICE Modelling: ImplosiaFX has also been designed for Softimage ICE Modelling. Because of this, it is possible to mix and match ImplosiaFX's features as well as ICE's existing features to unleash your creativity.

Training Materials and Community

To stay up to date with new releases, learn tricks and tips for getting the most of out ImplosiaFX and chat with fellow users as well ImplosiaFX's creator Oleg Bliznuk join us in the ImplosiaFX Support and Discussion mailing list:

Exocortex ImplosiaFX User's Mailing List

We have also included a manual in the ImplosiaFX release to help you get started.

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In order to see if Implosia matches your needs, we have created a demo version for you to try out.


Individual node-locked license

Available for only $249!

RLM-based floating license

Available for only $249!

Site license

Available for only $2499!

Source code + site license

Available for only $4999!


If you are an existing customer of Exocortex Momentum 2 or 3, you are eligible to purchase ImplosiaFX for $199. Please contact sales@exocortex.com with your Momentum 2 or 3 order number.

Educational Licenses

Educational pricing is also available to individuals with proof of academic enrollment. For educational discounts, please contact sales@exocortex.com with your order details and supporting documentation.

Custom Quotes

If you have unique or special licensing needs, please contact sales@exocortex.com for custom quotes.

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