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Welcome to the Exocortex Crate tutorial page. The Alembic format has facilitated the production workflows in diverse production environments. Exocortex Crate provides a full-featured set of Alembic plugins for 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage. Here you will find an increasing amount of resources to help you get the most out of this full-featured set of Alembic plugins.

You can read more about the features of Exocortex Crate in our product features page. You can also get all the details of Exocortex Crate functionality in our product documentation page. Download Exocortex Crate and try all of its features today!

Alembic Export and Import into 3DS Max with Exocortex Crate

Ben Houston walks through the simple export and import of a multi-material mesh in 3DS Max using Exocortex Crate. In this tutorial you will also get a rundown of Exocortex Crate export options for animation, topology, particle systems, materials, scene hierarchies and topology validation.

Alembic-based Point Caches in Maya, 3DS Max and Softimage using Exocortex Crate

A tutorial on how to use Exocortex Crate to enable Alembic-based point cache workflows between 3DS Max, Softimage and Maya.

Using Alembic to transfer multiple UV sets from 3DS Max to Maya with Exocortex Crate

In this video Ben Houston demonstrates how to use Exocortex Crate to transfer a mesh with multiple UV sets from 3DS Max to Maya. Ben demonstrates how to create multiple UV sets in 3DS Max, how to render them in 3DS Max, how to transfer them via Alembic, and how to utilize them in Maya.

3DS Max Thinking Particles to Maya and Softimage via Alembic

Ben Houston demonstrates using Exocortex Crate to export Thinking Particle systems from 3DS Max to the Alembic format. Ben then shows how to import those Alembic files to both 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage.

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