We have discontinued our Alembic and Softimage plug-ins and will no longer be providing support. Thank you. To see the latest from Exocortex, please visit:

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"Thanks for the great work Exocortex. The tools are coming along nicely. We are really enjoying this new Alembic pipeline!"
-- Mathieu Leclaire, Head of R&D, Hybride Technologies

"With a multi-platform operation or working with external resources you need a caching system that makes your company platform independent. Exocortex's Alembic implementation provides a solid tool set for a dependable and growing open-source format. Most cross-platform solutions require you to bake data down causing huge files, for characters that might be fine but when working with particles and other primitives types that is not realistic. At Blur we're using Exocortex Crate to simplify our pipeline, increase our efficiency, and gain the ability to use the best software for the job. Developing for multiple platforms can be costly and Exocortex gave us an affordable yet high-end solution."

-- John Kosnik, FX/TD Artist, Blur Studios

"Psyop has used both Softimage and Maya for many of it's years now, but for a long time the weakest link in our pipeline was the interoperability between the two packages. Good interoperability encourages collaboration where different artist skill sets (and software features) complement each other. Ultimately a good implementation allows artists to collaborate in new and exciting ways, and it is exactly Exocortex’s design vision and their exceptional customer support which makes us excited to begin the work of integrating Alembic in to our studio using the foundation that has given us already in Softimage and very soon, Maya."

-- Tony Barbieri, Head of Pipeline, Psyop

"When we first read about Alembic, everyone at Ingenuity Engine was anxious to adopt it in our pipeline. Geometry, animation, particles, fluids, and dynamics now have a single unified cache format, which simplifies so many aspects of scene management. The Python scripting they've added on top of an already fantastic standard is excellent!"

-- Grant Miller, Creative Director, Ingenuity Engine

"At Oblique, we were considering writing our own Alembic plug-in for Softimage. But when we saw the feature set of the Exocortex Crate suite, we quickly realized it was going to be a lot better than anything we could have done ourselves. We are now in the process of moving our point caching pipeline over to Alembic and the Exocortex suite will be at the center of it."

-- Francois Lord, Lead TD and CG Supervisor, Oblique FX

""The Exocortex Crate suite provides us with full support of the Alembic file format in Softimage, Arnold and on the Python command line. The integration of the Exocortex suite is a very powerful compliment to Softimage and Arnold and allows for flexible deliverable pipelines across departments and applications. We are very excited to implement Exocortex Crate for shot production and look forward to extending our effects and render pipeline with the Alembic file format."

-- Votch Levi, CG Supervisor, Whiskytree

"We supported Exocortex's Alembic suite because we strongly believe that this will be the next big thing in VFX pipeline development. As we build a solid data transport system between our creative departments, we need a reliable and controllable interchange format. With Alembic being both generic but also structured, and Exocortex's stunning implementation of a Python API, and the ability to license Exocortex’s full source code, we have full confidence that we can build our pipeline with the most comfort and granular control. All we have been wishing for comes true! Lastly, with ILM and Sony Pictures Imageworks pushing forward the core Alembic format, Alembic is surely going to become the data transport standard in a fashion similar to how OpenEXR has become the standard for rendering output."

-- Vladimir Jankijevic, Technical Director, Elefant Studios AG

"Kudos to Helge and Ben for such a fast development pace on Alembic. New features requests and bug ironing was lightning fast. Support was also real-time. Thank you Exocortex for making this happen! Alembic is a major step toward data interchange. Finally something rock solid to pass the data to your neighbors!"

-- Sylvain Lebeau, Visual Effects Supervisor, SHED

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