We have discontinued our Alembic and Softimage plug-ins and will no longer be providing support. Thank you. To see the latest from Exocortex, please visit:

ThreeKit: Online 3D product configurator
Clara.io: Online 3D modeling and free 3D models

All your data in one format

  • Full range of Alembic features. Transfer all your assets using only one format.
  • Production proven capabilities, for projects of any size.
  • Seamless import and export of Alembic data between Maya, Softimage and 3DS Max for a diverse development team.
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"...We are really enjoying this new Alembic pipeline!"

        -- Mathieu Leclaire, Head of R&D, Hybride Technologies

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  • Maximum compatibility with major tools such as Houdini, Arnold, V-Ray, RealFlow, Modo, Isotropix, FumeFX, SpeedTree, GrowFX, DMM and many more.
  • Fully optimized core for best performance.
  • Professional support available for when you production depends upon Alembic.
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