[WORKSHOP] Babylon.js + Clara.io: Creating a WebGL Workflow

Harnessing the power of WebGL to model, render, and configure 3D in your browser!

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

Tomorrow (November 15th) at 7:00PM GMT (2:00PM EDT), the good folks at WebGL Workshop London will be demonstrating a WebGL workflow between Clara.io and Babylon.js.

This workshop is a must-watch for WebGL developers and content creators looking to improve their Babylon.js workflows.


The Workshop will Cover:

  • Initial workflow concepts
  • How to create or acquire 3D assets (using Clara.io)
  • How to customize or modify assets
  • Incorporate the model or scene into a web page

    Babylon.js is a complete JavaScript framework that uses HTML5 and WebGL to help build 3D games on the web.

    The 2-hour session will cover WebGL technology powers the 3D graphics behind millions of interactive webpages we interact with every day, all without the need for plug-ins. There will also be the opportunity to dive the features in each program.

    If you are in the London-area, you can register on the SkillsMatter website or visit the YouTube Live stream here.

    For more information, you can visit the Meetup event page here.

    See you tomorrow!


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