'WOW' Your Audience with Interactive 3D Magic

Clara.io embeds liven up your art portfolios, tech releases, and newsworthy stories

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

Breathe life into your webpages with interactive Clara.io models

3D immersive content is poised to join images and videos as the next massive form of visual content, thanks to the increasing buzz around AR and VR technologies. YouTube recently announced the support of 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio on its video platform and Magic Leap gave us a glimpse into our lives with a new take on reality.

Interactive 3D content breathes life into webpages and captivates audiences by putting the power in their hands. For 3D artists, it means fans can interact with artwork and admire the meticulous detail put into every polygon. Journalists and technical titans can compel audiences with eye-catching visuals that place readers right in the middle of the story. Here are the best ways to use 3D models!

3D Art Portfolios

Online portfolios give 3D modelers the opportunity to house their passion and share their story. Embedding live, interactive models give fans the chance to explore your models and appreciate the nuances of your work. Explore the phenomenal work created by Klaas Nienhuis.

Tech Releases

Tech writers provide their readers the latest and greatest news in the space. Yet, the medium that the stories themselves are told often lacks that cutting-edge technological aspect. 3D models partner in-depth coverage with an immersive experience that brings tech coverage into the future where it belongs. Journalists from leading publications such as Mashable are already using Clara.io to make their stories come alive.

Newsworthy Stories

Breaking news captures the attention of readers and writers alike. Holding that attention requires a balance of compelling writing and stunning visuals. With interactive models audiences explore the story in more detail and gain new perspectives as a result. Furthermore, journalists use models to visually communicate complicated topics in a way that words never could. Folha de S.Paulo, the second most-circulated newspaper in Brazil, recently used an animated Clara.io embed to simplify a complex subject for its readers.

The day the Rosetta module spacecraft, Philae, was set to land on Comet 67P, this model captivated audiences by launching them right into the story.


Clara.io creations are invaluable for 3D artists looking to gain exposure. For content authors, 3D models take articles to the next level and positively disrupt the way audiences read content. We're providing an autonomous platform for great 3D artists to collaborate with content creators in order to fuel the continued adoption of interactive 3D content.


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