Introducing Species 1.2 - Quality Character Creation for Softimage

- Ben Houston

We are pleased to present another major update to Chris Covelli and Eric Thivierge’s premium Softimage character creation tool: Exocortex Species. This is the second major update in the two months since official release that adds functionality and further optimizes user work flow.

What is Species?

Exocortex Species simplifies the process of human character creation from designing your character’s unique attributes, integrating sculpting results, to rig creation, even animation. With Species, you will create higher quality animated characters faster and at a lower cost, while avoiding the generic look that often come when purchasing off-the-shelf models

Exocortex Species supports both Autodesk Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012 on both Windows and Linux. Floating and node locked licenses are available starting at $299.

For more information, a demo video and to download a trial visit the Exocortex Species product page.

Customers are Raving about Species

We're currently using Species on a couple of projects and we have a big job coming up for which we'll be using it extensively. Even now, it's already allowed our artists to jump right in and push their work along. It's a great product and makes me wish I had more characters to model! - Tim Crowson, Magnetic Dreams

I had already started using Species on a live work project during beta, and I'm finding it a simple and productive system to get up and running fast. - Gavin Marais, Derivco

The Improvements in Species 1.2

Based on user feedback, Species 1.2 has the following improvements:

  • Easier to find documentation.
  • Improved stability.
  • 8 example scenes that include the resulting rigged characters.
  • An accessible top-level menu for accessing Species functionality.
  • Plug-in preferences for Species.
  • Right-click context menu for accessing commands for Species PropRigs.
  • Improved envelope weighting.
  • Re-oriented neck bones to allow for consistent rotation axes on neck and head controls.
  • Re-sized male and female prop rigs to better match XSI Man's scale.
  • Numerous bug fixes

Getting Species 1.2

If you are not yet using Exocortex Species, give it a try by downloading the trial from the Exocortex Species product page.

For those already using Exocortex Species, you can download the 1.2 update directly from here.

Join the Growing Species User Community

Get most out of Exocortex Species by joining the Species user support and discussion mailing list, and check out our many tutorial videos on our Vimeo group. These are the best places to learn about Species and get the latest news directly from the developers.

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