Friskr: A 3D Search Engine Powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Big Data tool for your searches — now available for Web and customized use

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

Friskr is an advanced, 3D conceptual search engine that pulls useful and relevant keywords from complex search topics.

Familiar search engines, like Google and Bing, are optimized for high-traffic search results. When connecting seemingly unrelated or complex search topics, regular search engines generate more questions than answers — enter Friskr.

Friskr uniquely helps you understand complex topics at a glance. Friskr does this by extracting concepts and showing you the relationship between your keywords, the search results, and those concepts in interactive 3D.

Interactive 3D enables you to connect the dots, disambiguate relations and discover otherwise hidden patterns.

Enterprise Ready

Friskr leverages the power Microsoft Cognitive Search’s APIs which can either search the whole internet or be targeted at your existing enterprise data sets.

Discovering Concepts

Every Friskr search returns three vital categories of information — search results (blue); relationships to your search terms (yellow); and discovered concepts (orange).

Discovered concepts provide an additional layer of knowledge grouping together otherwise disparate search results.

Friskr is not a replacement for Google or Bing, but a complimentary tool that can quickly help you navigate and organize complex topics in large data sets. It makes understanding the search results from complicated queries or analytical research: easier, more efficient, and more complete.

Interactive Query Refinement

Friskr results are displayed directly in your web browser using WebGL, allowing you to refine queries in the interactive 3D view:

● You can remove search terms by clicking on them and deleting them.

● You can add new terms in the top search bar and see them added to the view.

● You can even perform search term disambiguation, by disabling discovered concepts, and see their associated results go away.

Refined by Intelligence Analysts

Our Friskr technology was successfully deployed in several intelligence agencies globally. Their feedback drove today’s core Friskr framework.

Professional Services and Integration

Please contact Zack Jacobson ( for more information regarding on-premises installations, integrations and customization possibilities. Exocortex can customize Friskr to work with your in-house data and search engine without the involvement of an external engine.

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