Next-generation online 3D modeling and rendering software.

Join our beta to see the future of collaborative 3D.

- Ben Houston

After nearly two years of development, Exocortex is pleased to publicly announce (online 3D modeling and rendering software), our next-generation online 3D editor that runs within the web browser using commodity technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and of course WebGL.) is built to resemble traditional desktop 3D editors on the surface, thus is immediately familiar to most 3D artists. But because is built for the web, it is always accessible, there is no configuration, it is cross platform, all of your creation history is stored automatically, you can collaborate in real-time, and you have access to unlimited cloud computing on-demand.

Apply now to join our beta program, we will let you in as soon as we have the capacity to serve you.

" is really amazing. I am very confident such an approach is the future of the industry."

-- Douglas Lassance, Layout Artist at Blur Studio.

Under development for nearly two years by the experienced development team at Exocortex, is unlike anything you have seen before. We have, with, reimagined how 3D content creation can be done for the web era. We have removed the headaches that all of us in the profession know too well, headaches that were understandable back in 1995, but not nearly 20 years later. We have done away with license servers, configuration and deployments, upgrades, limited rendering and storage resources, the need to save often, and the pain associated with remote collaborations. is also not a single purpose application, it isn't just a single renderer or a layout tool, it is a modern integrated 3D content creation tool built around an extensible scripting and plugin model. By adopting, you are not giving up the power and freedom that you were used to on the desktop, rather you are just gaining additional functionality and convenience. is the way that 3D content creation should be. lets you focus on completing your creative work rather than fighting with distracting technological issues. While some people think that anything web-based must be slow, we have figured out how to make interaction with unbelievable fluid and fast.

"From watching the early stages of, it is obvious how fast this tool is growing and will continue to grow. Their development decisions have been made with the future in mind."

— Allen Pestaluky, Game Developer & Designer at Magmic

We have completed the core of, but we are not yet finished. This beta is to show you what we have so far and to work with us as we move towards version 1.0. has already the following features:

  • Hierarchical scene graph.
  • Lights and cameras.
  • Robust support for Polymeshes, including indexed UV, Normal and Color maps.
  • Flexible operators (known as 'modifiers' in 3DS Max.)
  • Keyframe-based animation.
  • Powerful sub-object editing.
  • Renderer and pass management.
  • Extensive materials.
  • Sharing system.
  • Rudimentary bones and skinning.
  • Real-time multi-user collaborative editing.
  • Automatic versioning with history.
  • Plugin model.
  • Script log.
  • FBX, Collada, OBJ, ThreeJS and STL file format support.

We have a lot more features still under development (including a public REST API for both automation and integration with other web-tools) and a number of forthcoming announcements regarding partnerships (BTW if you want to partner with us, please drop us a line.) But this is enough to get us started. Apply for our beta to join us on this journey of transforming, for the better, how 3D content creation is done.

To stay up to date and track the progress of, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us to your G+ circle. Until the next update!

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