Introducing + Babylon.js Exporter

Export simple meshes, image textures, and light settings into any custom WebGL Babylon.js project

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

Export your scenes right into your Babylon.js projects!


Tomorrow (November 15th) at 7:00PM GMT (2:00PM EDT), the good folks at WebGL Workshop London will be demonstrating a WebGL workflow between and Babylon.js.

You can click here for all the workshop details!


We've just launched our new Babylon.js exporter, which allows any scene to be exported into Babylon.js for use in custom WebGL 3D game development!

Babylon.js is a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL, and Web Audio immersive content.

Our Babylon.js exporter was built with passionate game developers in mind. provides the ultimate content creation and discovery tool for game asset development, allowing developers to import simple meshes, image textures, and light settings into any custom WebGL Babylon.js project. Thanks to the Babylon.js exporter, developers can easily: source, create, and render assets, while maintaining great visual results!


Start Exporting into Babylon.js in 4 Steps

Step 1:

Open your scene in the editor and select "File" > "Export All" > "Babylon.js".


Step 2:

Download the .babylon export file to your computer.


You can open and download any public scene from the Viewer. Simply select the scene or model and click "Download" > "Babylon.js" from the Options panel on the right.


Step 3:

Visit Babylon.js and import your scene. Note: In this example we imported into Babylon.js Sandbox.


Step 4:

Your scene is in Babylon.js! Time to get creating!


Export in Babylon.js Now!

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