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Danny and the Wild Bunch and the videogame Umbra

- Chris Covelli

Danny and the Wild Bunch

Danny and the Wild Bunch is an award winning short film about a children’s book author whose characters turn down a darker path. Directed by Robert Rugan, Danny boasts a unique cast of digital characters created using Exocortex Species.

Species co-creator Chris Covelli: “With Species, I was able to model all 8 characters and do most of the rigging in about a month. This project was great fun to work on. Director Robert Rugan, while armed with a clear vision, gave the CG team a great deal of creative freedom and we all worked together to make this project awesome. I’m so happy with how fantastic the final cut looks!”

Umbra by SolarFall Games

It’s great to see cool projects our 3d character software, Exocortex Species. Check out this awesome trailer for Umbra, a great looking hack ‘n slash game to be featured at GDC 2015, the top Game Developer’s Conference in the world:

I spoke with Patrick Miegeville,one of the main developers of this game a few months ago. He was nice enough to let us know of this great project and the fact that they are using Species to help create content for the game, and we’re pleased as punch with the results!

The game features some great gameplay mechanics, innovative inventory and class options, and an open world setting with very eye-catching, interactive environments. Fantastic looking game! It looks like something I’d want to play!

For more info, check out the Umbra Game website.

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