Online interactive 3D models spark custom orders for Coalesse

ThreeKit used's API built the ultimate customization tool for the LessThanFive chair

- Kiefer Uuksulainen built the ultimate 3D customizer for the LessThanFive chair from Coalesse.

Coalesse, the premium office furniture company, wanted to boost sales and shorten the sales cycle for their innovative LessThanFive carbon fiber chair. ThreeKit and 3D technology became the ultimate sales and customization tool to help reach these goals.

The LessThanFive Customizer is a sales tool that allows high-quality 3D products to be customized online in real time. Interactive ecommerce helps consumers visualize and personalize their order, which supports confident buying and higher sales. The LessThanFive Customizer engages customers throughout the design process, allowing for custom graphics, logos, and color gradients to be instantly added to each order.

"The customization tool [ThreeKit] created for us is a great way to engage customers in the design process."

— Sherrie Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager at Steelcase Inc.

ThreeKit delivers picture-perfect 3D models and interactive configurators, all in real time.

One of the unique aspects of the LessThanFive Chair is the incredible customizability. Coalesse wanted the Customizer to be incredibly interactive and allow for real-time customizations.

In a collaborative effort with the internal product design and branding team at Steelcase, and the brilliant minds at Conduit Studios, we worked to ensure the Customizer would exceed highlight the customizability to Coalesse customers in real time.


Picture-Perfect Precision


The LessThanFive Customizer displays beautifully rendered product shots in real time, and give customers instant visual feedback.

There was a time when customers had zero input in the products they purchased, it was simply what-you-see-is-what-you-get; Coalesse wanted to change that.

Providing an exceptional online shopping experience meant customers must be able to easily configure their orders, while maintaining hyper-realistic visuals. From custom fading colors, down to the reflections from the glossy carbon fiber material, the LessThanFive Customizer puts the power in the hands of their customers and delivers perfect results every time.


Built with ThreeKit and the API

The LessThanFive Customizer relies on ThreeKit and the V2 Viewer to deliver its photorealistic and lightning-fast loading time.

Coalesse uses the REST API to import existing product models. Our importer API can handle over 40 different 3D visualization data file formats, including CAD.

Once imported, product models are displayed using the new V2 Viewer. Our adaptive V2 player is fast-loading and responsive to a variety of mobile and desktop screen sizes and processing power.

We were honored to work alongside the brand and integration team at Steelcase and the dedicated members of Conduit Studios to build, deliver, and support the LessThanFive Customizer, you can customize your own chair here!

"I so appreciate ThreeKit's speedy response and great customer service in addressing our various customer needs."

— Sherrie Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager at Steelcase Inc.


Coalesse is among a growing list of companies that rely on ThreeKit and to deliver an exceptional ecommerce experience. Our interactive 3D models help boost sales and customer confidence, while shortening your sales cycle.

ThreeKit is specially-designed to deliver picture-perfect visuals, configurators, web and VR capability to ecommerce clients, all in real time.


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