Design Your Own NFL Super Bowl Helmet with Xenith

ONU One and partnered to develop an online interactive 3D helmet customizer

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

ONU One enlisted the help of to build an interactive 3D customizer for Xenith.

Xenith, the manufacturer of the #1-ranked helmet in the 2015 NFL Health & Safety Report, now gives you the power to design your own NFL Super Bowl-grade helmet right in their online store!

Xenith wanted to increase online sales and customer engagement. They worked with ONU One, who used APIs, to build and seamlessly blend this real-time 3D configurator right into the existing Xenith website. Now Xenith customers now have unprecedented helmet customization options right at their fingertips!


Real-time 3D Ecommerce Customization

Xenith provides its customers with a wealth of customization options: from colors to different elements, like the facemask and chin cup. With so many options to choose from, the ability to see the final product online in rich detail is a huge service to the consumer.

Personalized configurators are nothing new for ecommerce retailers, but delivering interactive, photorealistic models in real-time required a unique solution. ONU One specializes in building product visualizers for iOS or Android devices, and so they required help from to deliver a web-based viewing solution.

Together, ONU One and provided Xenith with a fully customizable, interactive, and animated 3D viewer that is optimized for all devices.


Interactive Animations

ONU One created an explodable animation as an interactive feature that highlights the Xenith Difference


It's cliché to say, but "it's what's inside that counts". Interactive 3D animations show customers unique perspectives of the products that stock photos simply can't. For retailers, animations highlight the important market differentiators that will reinforce the purchase decision.

ONU One built an explodable animation to highlight the Xenith Difference. By exposing the inner workings of the helmet, customers can interact with Xenith product on a more intimate level and discover why Xenith helmets are trusted by so many football players, including Super Bowl Champion, Aqib Talib.


Xenith Makes an Appearance in Super Bowl 50

Aqib Talib, Super Bowl champion and three-time Pro Bowl selection, relies on Xenith.


Super Bowl 50 Champion and Denver Broncos cornerback, Aqib Talib, donned a Xenith helmet in this year's Super Bowl, securing victory for the Denver Broncos. The exact same helmet can be created, configured, and purchased online thanks to the ecommerce configuration experts, ONU One and


Built With ONU One and APIs

The success of this project is thanks in large part to the three-way collaborative effort between Xenith, ONU One, and As a result, Xenith customers have the power to create and configure the ultimate NFL-grade football helmet!

ONU One created the API that allows any product to be customized as an interactive 3D model. Xenith's interactive helmets began as CAD models that were optimized using this API to add colors, textures, and lighting. The Viewer was the final piece of the puzzle, allowing these models to be viewed on the web. ONU One accessed the Viewer through the REST API and Javascript Viewer API.

ONU One, in partnership with, continue to deliver powerful configuration solutions for Xenith and many other ecommerce retailers, and both businesses and consumers are taking notice.


Click Here to Design Your Own Super Bowl Helmet!

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