Improved 3D model discovery and export for real-time game engines

Easily filter and discover 3D models that are ready for export into all the major game engines

- Kiefer Uuksulainen


Today, we're launching a better way to discover and download free 3D models for use in real-time game engine projects — it's called the 'Downloadable' model filter!

In collaboration with High Fidelity, we enhanced the library and made it easier to find models that will import correctly into your game engine projects — saving you countless hours of frustration., besides being the online 3D modeling and rendering tool, also has a large library of over 200,000 3D models, many of these 3D models are free to download with CC licenses.

While having a large library 3D models is useful, we have heard from the community that it can be hard to find high-quality 3D models that will import properly, with full fidelity, into the new open-source VR platform High Fidelity, and popular game engines like PlayCanvas, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. Issues importing FBX files into game engines affect all sources of 3D models —— we sought to improve the user experience.

The primary cause for import issues is that 3D model creation programs, like, have capabilities that are not supported by the popular real-time focused game engines. These non-transferable capabilities of include: support for V-Ray materials, exotic texture formats (TIFF, TGA, EXR, etc.), objects that only have viewport colors and no materials, strange world space positioning of objects, as well hidden objects and double sided objects.

By working closely with High Fidelity, the new open-source VR platform, we improved our proprietary on-demand FBX export tool and removed 3D models from our 'Downloadable' search listing that can not be fixed.

Downloadable 3D models are now displayed using their WebGL thumbnails by default, so you see exactly what the models will look like in your real-time game, rather than viewing a potentially misleading V-Ray rendered thumbnail.

You can access the new 3D model library mode by clicking the 'Downloadable' filter button on the right hand side of the library — it is the new default for the 3D model library. To get to the previously unfiltered 3D model library that includes V-Ray, non-downloadable, and lower-quality 3D models just click the 'All' filter button.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the 3D model library and get content for your 3D game project now!


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