New Feature Alert! We've Added Comments and Notifications to

Join the conversation and stay updated with other 3D artists and modellers

- Kiefer Uuksulainen


Built-in commenting and notifications put valuable feedback in one place on

Our new commenting feature provides you with instant feedback from the community, and thanks to our new notifications you'll be the first to know anytime someone comments, likes, or tags you in a scene.

Each model page becomes a hub for constructive feedback, praise, and support from 3D modellers and artists just like you!



Before you jump in, let’s lay some friendly ground rules:

  • is a community of passionate 3D artists and modellers. Others have invested countless hours into their artwork, be respectful.
  • No personal attacks or profanity. Keep the conversation positive and constructive. Just think: would I want my mother reading this?
  • Most view pages are public: racism, prejudice, or hate speech will not be tolerated.


We've also added notifications, which gives you instant updates to see who's left a comment, liked your scene, or mentioned you in a post — look for the yellow star () next to your avatar. You can adjust your email notification settings here. There may even be notifications waiting for you right now!


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