Webinar: Creating Beautiful Real-Time Materials.

Learn how to use's powerful material system!

- Ben Houston

We offering our first webinar of 2015 on, the online 3D modeling and rendering webapp, this Friday, January 16, 2015 at 11 AM Eastern Standard time.

This interactive webinar will give you an overview of the latest features in and how best to use them. The new features to be covered in this Webinar include:

  • Introduction to the new Physically-based real-time material (new feature!) in
  • How to use the new UV Map gizmos (new feature!), and the UV Transform (new feature!) operator to create beautiful surface textures.
  • Why distance-based falloff on lights (new feature!) is important for realistic scenes and how to use it.
  • How to create and use tangent spaces on meshes (new feature!) for real-time anisotropic effects (new feature!)
  • How you can use real-time subsurface scattering effects (new feature!) in your scenes.
  • Setting up scenes quickly using the in-editor model library (new feature!)
  • Merging scenes (new feature!)

And as always we will be open to questions at any time -- on any topic at all related to We would love to dedicate more than half the webinar to your questions if there was enough questions.

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