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How a self-taught artist harnessed the power of

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

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We’ve featured the low-poly perfection of Pixelfordinner’s Rio skyline and most recently, we uncovered the wondrous work of the GIF wizard, AMV. Today we highlight another member of the 200,000-strong community, Samir Braga.

Samir captures the artistic 3D forms of the simple and mundane objects around him — an impressive feat given the palpable distraction of the beaches, palm trees, dunes and lagoons of his hometown in Fortaleza, Brazil.

"I see the simple things present in my daily life,” says Samir, “each object has its own unique characteristics. 3D modeling is the best way to capture the perspective and intricacies of the object."


Starting with

Hoping to leverage his skills as a web developer and a Three.js programmer, Samir kickstarted his 3D modeling experience with, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

"When I started with 3D modeling I didn’t want to deal with very advanced programs such as [the Other Guys]. I searched for an online alternative and I was really surprised by the capabilities of [], particularly with VRay rendering. [] gave me all the power of a desktop application, but online!"

Click the image to see Samir's Apple Watch model concept on!


Future Success

Samir continues to expand his skillset while diving deeper into's features and through the use of complementary programs. Today, Samir has set his sights on new ventures that will take his 3D modeling hobby to new professional levels in the coming years. You can see Samir's latest models and artwork on his Facebook page and on

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