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- Kiefer Uuksulainen

See the full interactive model in WebGL or V-Ray here!

Our community is represented by 175,000 members from all walks of life. From eager members venturing into 3D modeling for the first time to the largest VFX studios, is trusted by the brightest talent from around the world. We want to recognize talented members of the community and showcase the amazing and inspirational scenes that are created every day! That's why we've launched INSPIRAT.ioNS!

The Brazil-based Pixelfordinner team and their phenomenal low-poly render of Rio's beautiful skyline is the first in our INSPIRAT.ioNS feature!

Pixelfordinner has been responsible for the visual identity of Rider Weekends, a festival that has drawn 120,000 people to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since 2012. A simplistic low-poly, geometric design had been a staple of the Rider Weekends’ identity since its inception. On the heels of the 2015 festival, the team turned to to build a fully-interactive 3D model of the previous years’ design. Julien Vergnaud, Luiza Jacobsen and Karl Fathi, the trio responsible for the project explained why the Pixelfordinner team made the switch:

"[We] wanted more freedom and movement, so [we] started looking for ways to make our work more precise, closer to reality."

— Karl Fathi, Chief Technology Officer & Partner


"We set out to make the key visual more interactive and easier to play with. There was a very practical reason to choosing at the time, we didn't have access to computers that could deliver the quality and speed of rendering that could."

— Julien Vergnaud, Art Director and Founding Partner


The concept began as raw satellite data from topographical maps of the Brazilian city that was simplified and translated into a 3D format. Using the rugged base, the team built an abstract rendering of the Rio mountainside. The color-scheme was inspired by the rich orange glow of Carioca sunsets, and the lush greenery that hugs the mountainside. The scene was designed to reflect Rio's elegance, a blended landscape of geometrical and natural forms.

Source 1 / Source 2


The team required features beyond the capability of, so they reached out to our support team and collaborated with Ben to deliver a solution. We are happy to provide support for special requests and custom features, just get in touch!


"Our client asked us to create a short promotional video, we wanted to take advantage of the fact that, for the first year, our artwork was fully in 3D.


At the time, because the service was still in its infancy, we couldn't export the animation as a video directly from the website. We set out to export frame-by-frame and use an external API to render and sequence the frames into a cohesive video.


Ben loved the idea and contacted us via Skype to help us write the export script, he was incredibly helpful and got us going really fast."

— Karl Fathi, Chief Technology Officer & Partner at Pixelfordinner



Pixelfordinner challenged themselves to add dimension to Rider Weekends' identity while leaving its essence unchanged. The 3D design remains an homage to the past and a positive outlook on the future. The full 2015 Rider Weekends case study can be found here.


" not only allowed us to bring more life to our concept, but also made us more productive by giving us the means and support to fully bring our ideas to the real world."

— Karl Fathi, Chief Technology Officer & Partner at Pixelfordinner


The Pixelfordinner team continues to do amazing work, you can see it on their website.

Many thanks to the talented Pixelfordinner team: Luiza Jacobsen, Julien Vergnaud, Karl Fathi, Marie Contet, Mathieu Lagardère, and Maria Eliza Assy.


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We're proud of the work you do and we want to recognize INSPIRAT.ioNS in the community! Are you an INSPIRAT.ioN? Get in touch with me personally at!!

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