INSPIRAT.ioNS: Gürkan Aydın

Featuring the low-poly perfection of one very talented artist

- Kiefer Uuksulainen

See Gürkan's entire low-poly portfolio on!

Hear ye, hear ye! Alas the time has come to highlight the polished, low-poly medieval weaponry created by our very own, Gürkan Aydın!

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Gürkan is a self-taught freelance 3D modeler, akin to another tremendously talented artist we recently featured, Samir Braga. Over the past few months, Gürkan shared over 80+ models that each share one commonality: a pint-sized polygon count.

Models for Game Development

As a supporter of the indie developer community, Gürkan's dozens of low-poly models serve a purpose — lightweight and easy to use, even for mobile games.

He offers all of his models for free download, and 3D model discovery and export for real-time game engines has never been easier, thanks to our recently improved 'Downloadable' model filter.

"I knew there was a way to make beautiful models with smaller file sizes. I focused on using fewer polygons and appropriate textures — like the models I saw in Nintendo 64 games.

I keep making downloadable low-poly models because I want them to be used by indie game developers who may lack the modeling skills."

It doesn't take a sharp eye to notice many of Gürkan's models take inspiration from medieval and fantasy weaponry. His portfolio hosts dozens of models, covering a wide array of swords, maces, bows, axes, and shields — all of which have been graciously made available for free download. As a self-taught artist, Gürkan constantly challenges himself in order to improve his skills, while staying true to his low-poly, medieval style.

Gürkan gave us a sneak peak into the inspiration behind his next low-poly creation.

Interactive Portfolio

Our fully-featured 3D editor and player that puts a great deal of power in your hands. Gürkan flexes both features in the editor and the player to deliver his low-poly creations — particularly as an interactive online portfolio for his models.

" is extremely helpful when I need to do texturing and to adjust lighting conditions. On top of that, I use the website as a portfolio for all of my work!

The viewer makes it possible to view models in 3D or even VR with just a mobile phone, so I can easily share my models online"

Forum Support

SG-Wand was inspired from Diablo II Sorcerer weapon called Orb.


Even the best artists face challenges when modeling. As a self-taught artist, Gürkan utilized the available resources to help him achieve success in Using a combination of online tutorials and the Forum, he was able to find valuable information and reach out to other members of the community.


"When I was first starting off, I quickly discovered that 3D modeling wasn't as easy as drawing on paper. I started watching videos, tutorials, and reading blogs.

Now, I use the Forum nearly every time I come across a problem in, and always find the solutions to my problems there."

Flipping through Gürkan's book of ideas and inspirations.


Future Success

Gürkan continues to refine his modeling skills in and hopes to one day take his passion for game modeling and design to a professional video game studio. If his tremendous growth in is any indicator, he is on the right path to success. You can see Gürkan's latest models and artwork on his Facebook page and on

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And if you're still hungry, here is a low-poly potato, created by Gürkan!

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