Import 3D Models Directly into VR with High Fidelity

High Fidelity gives your models new life in VR

- Kiefer Uuksulainen


High Fidelity users are building a new world in VR using 50,000+ 3D models.


High Fidelity is a free social VR platform open to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and desktop users. We’ve just completed an integration with High Fidelity that makes it possible for you to easily import your assets into their 3D virtual environment.

To access's model library in High Fidelity, you must first download the free program from their website. Once installed, open the Marketplace tablet, pick "See All Markets" and select to find 3D assets.

The models you choose will show up right in front of you in virtual reality. Once an asset is brought into High Fidelity, it can be grabbed with your hands and moved around, resized, or animated with JavaScript.



Content creation is a chicken and egg problem for platforms or applications that were built to support user-generated content. Rather than building up a content library from scratch, High Fidelity wanted to tap into the existing library of 3D digital content here on

Interacting with 3D content is a big part of what makes VR environments so unique. In order to do so, virtual builders need digital assets. Content creation using VR hand controllers is yet to match the volume and quality of existing 3D content — our integration with High Fidelity set out to resolve this issue.

The merging of these two worlds means that High Fidelity users have access to 3D digital assets needed to build in the virtual world. content creators can see their models take on a new life in the virtual world.


"The creative community has built amazing 3D scenes, and we are excited to see them meet our growing community of virtual world pioneers and developers"

— Philip Rosedale, Founder High Fidelity


We worked alongside the talented team at High Fidelity to improve our proprietary FBX export tool to filter out all incompatible models. That led the development of the 'Downloadable' model filter, which opened up the floodgates of creative opportunity, thanks to the tens of thousands of 3D models that were VR-compatible and ready for use in real-time game engine projects.

We hope to see a merging of two worlds as users jump into High Fidelity to play with and share their fantastic creations. Stay tuned for more joint announcements with the High Fidelity team — there's more exciting stuff on the horizon!

Until then, click below to get started with High Fidelity!


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