Grows to 100,000 Users in just 600 days.

Unpredecented growth and a gift of thanks to our users.

- Ben Houston, the online 3D modeling and rendering web app, last week crossed the major milestone of 100,000 registered users only 600 days after we first announced

Thanks to our users!

We have our users to thank for this milestone! To say thanks, we are increasing the number of private scenes each free-edition user can have from 1 to 10. This change is now live on our website for all free-edition users! See our pricing page for full details.

From Uncertain Beginnings...

When we started designing and building in 2011, it wasn't clear at that time that it was even possible to create a web-standard based 3D content creation tool. But eventually, with a lot of work, the prototypes of what became began to work.

Then later at SIGGRAPH 2013 when we launched publicly, it wasn't clear that our browser-based approach would prove popular with users accustomed to desktop workflows. But when more than 2,000 people signed up for in just the first few days after our SIGGRAPH 2013 introduction, we got the first hint that we were possibly onto something big. Unprecedented Growth

But the actual growth that has experienced since our announcement has exceed our greatest expectations.

To grow from 0 to 100,000 registered users (and 170,000 scenes!) in just 600 days is actually unprecedented in the 3D modeling and rendering industry. Our growth numbers means that on average, since we announced, least 160 new people started using everyday and each day they created at least 280 scenes.

This is even more unprecedented because the growth of has been largely organic. It has not been driven by a large professional advertizing budget or by joining a large existing corporate brand.

This growth is also strongly accelerating. For example, just this past Friday (February 27th), our users created more than 870 new scenes in a single 24 hour period.

Lots More to Expect as the Beta Ends

We are busy putting on the finishing touches on dozens of major new features that will be announced over the coming weeks to celebrate the forthcoming end of's beta period.

Reminder: We are Hiring

We are looking for 3D software developers to join our team in Ottawa, Canada. We posted the job details on our blog here.

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