Share your futuristic iWatch designs and win!

$500 in prizes will go to the best and most beautiful iWatch models.

- Ben Houston

Time for our second (the free online 3D modeling and rendering webapp) modeling contest!

There are rumors around that the highly anticipated Apple Smart Watch (probably named the iWatch?) will be unveiled next week on September 9, 2014.

Well, Apple may be good at design, but let's prove that we are at least as good as they are. We challenge you to create your own next-generation Smart Watch designs that you think will be what Apple unveils or that look even better!

The deadline is September 8, 2014 at midnight with winners announced on September 9th.

We are offering two main prizes:

Win $250 for the best design that most resembles the forthcoming Apple Smartwatch, or

Win $250 for the best design that does not resemble the Apple Smartwatch.

This contest is not restricted to those modeling completely within, but the model must be available in and shared with either the gallery (read-only) or public (clonable) permissions.

You can import your work from other tools and then ensure that it looks great in WebGL using’s new scene uploader (documentation here) capabilities (just be sure to use the FBX format with embedded textures for best results.)

We've included some awesome concept art above as well as an interactive iPhone 5S 3D model (click here to clone it) to get your imagination going:

If you need a hand model to put your smart watch on, we have one here that you can clone to incorporate into your model.

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Until the next update!

Ben of

PS: Awesome Apple Smartwatch concept images were created by VENESTUDIO

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