Announcing Exocortex ImplosiaFX!

- Ben Houston

I am happy to say that we (Oleg Bliznuk and Exocortex) have released the first version of ImplosiaFX, the fast and modern ICE Modelling-based shatter toolset. :-) It supports Windows both 64- and 32-bit (Linux coming soon ). It has been significally improved and extended since the first version.

Here are the key key improvements:

  • Modern iterative-like fracturing
  • Support of the normal preservation
  • Chunks extraction.
  • Automatic materials assignation
  • New top level menu (tool bar aslo is available)
  • Completely rewritten ICE workflow to improve stability
  • 32-bit support
  • Full documentation
  • Sample scenes
  • Lots of stability fixes (thank you beta testers!)

So, here is the full features list:

  • Continuous/Voronoi/Iterative fragmentaion types;
  • Ability to drive fragmentation behavior via ICE;
  • Booleans ( robust and fast );
  • One-click menu\toolbar workflow as well as ability to build your own full ICE-based system;
  • Normals and UVW preservation;
  • Extraction each chunk as separated object ( fast );
  • Automatical material assignation as well as one-click selection of the cut faces to further work;
  • Normal preservation during per-island animation ( momentum etc );

Check out the trailer, the detailed feature list, and give it a try here.

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